Smiles for Life: Keeping Your Teeth Natural

Smiles for Life: Keeping Your Teeth Natural

It has come across our attention at Max Dental that many aging patients are concerned about losing teeth as they grow older. The truth of the matter is that there is no reason for senior citizens to lose their teeth other than because of oral disease.

Your perfect smile can last you a lifetime, if you take proper care of it.

“Most dental professionals are seeing that these older citizens are keeping their teeth healthy, allowing for a natural smile with no need of dental implants or dentures.”

The aging generation is now one of the fastest growing populations in North America. Most dental professionals are seeing that these citizens are keeping their teeth healthy, allowing for a natural smile with no need of dental implants or dentures.

However, a natural smile that lasts a lifetime is only possible with proper oral health care—which typically requires an annual visit to the team at Max Dental.

“We have found that seniors take longer breaks from visiting the dentist,” says Dr. Michael Drance, “it seems as if they stop caring because they don’t think their oral hygiene matters anymore.”

Proper oral health care is essential for older people for a multitude of reasons. One of which is dry mouth, which slows down the production of saliva. Often seen in elderly patients, dry mouth can be harmful because saliva helps to prevent tooth decay by washing away food particles and eliminating acids. Luckily, a dentist can fix dry mouth.

Senior citizens should also remember to maintain a regiment of daily flossing and brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Elderly people are likely to get cavities where older fillings have broken or where receding gums have left unprotected surfaces.

In addition, for elderly patients to maintain optimal oral health, snacks with sugars and starch should be eliminated.

Keep your smile healthy and complete with proper oral care! Take some time to contact us at Max Dental for a check-up and cleaning today.

Fast Food Puts Teens on the Fast Track to Cavities

Fast Food Puts Teens on the Fast Track to Cavities


“One of the leading causes of cavities is from carbonated beverages; which not only result in cavities but also increase obesity in today’s teenager.”


With teenagers eating an increased amount of fast food and carbonated beverages to keep up with their busy lifestyle, family dental clinics are witnessing a generation inflicting serious damage to their oral and overall health.

A poor diet that consists of sugary treats and fast food can result in premature loss of tooth enamel, resulting in a weaker tooth structure. Due to this, it is especially important that teenagers try to maintain a healthy diet.

One of the leading causes of cavities is from carbonated beverages; which not only result in cavities but also increase obesity in today’s teenager.

The citric, tartaric, carbonic and phosphoric acids that come from pop can often lead to the breakdown of tooth enamel, naturally leading to cavities or tooth decay.

In order to actively prevent cavities from occurring, teenagers and parents need to decrease the amount of sugar-filled pop consumed. In addition, regular checkups and cleanings need to be scheduled at your local family dental clinic to ensure optimal oral health.

Contact Max Dental today to book an appointment or to learn more about cavity prevention for teenagers.

Ready to Climb the Ladder? Come See Us First!

Ready to Climb the Ladder? Come See Us First!

The Academy of General Dentistry has confirmed that historically, on average men are less likely to visit the dentist than women. Studies further revealed that men have been either afraid to go and embarrassed about it, or they just don’t have the time for it.

Interestingly, these days men are getting back into the dental chair as they realize that a dazzling smile is an invaluable asset in the business world. More and more male patients are coming into our office asking for cosmetic dentistry procedures like whitening and veneers!

The truth is, nothing closes the deal like a healthy, handsome smile care of your dental experts at Max Dental. We no longer live in the days were most men worked one job for their entire life, in today’s world a man will go though many interviews and work for a variety of employers.

It’s also now common place for middle aged gentlemen to be in competition with young men in the workplace which has placed greater importance on a man’s appearance.

In today’s world, a winning smile is the key to success in business, but aside from that routine 6-month hygiene visits are imperative to maintaining optimal oral health.

Modern dentistry is safe, relaxing and keeps you feeling energetic and youthful. The days of being afraid of the dentist are over thanks to sedation dentistry. More and more men and realizing the benefits of great oral health extend into helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

So guys, it’s time you give us a call, and we’ll get you looking and feeling great for your next interview, boardroom meeting or sales call!

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Many of our patients have many questions about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal so for your convenience Max Dental has put together a blog post that covers the facts about wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in your mouth and usually this occurs between the late teens and early twenties. This youthful time of life has been referred to as the “Age of Wisdom” hence the name of this particular molar.

Anthropologists speculate that our early ancestors rough diet caused an enormous amount of wear of their teeth. Their teeth then drifted to compensate for the wear, making space for wisdom teeth to come in during adolescence.

In modern times our diet is significantly softer, along with the orthodontic tooth straightening popularity have developed a fuller dental arch, leaving no room for wisdom teeth to come in. This creates problems when the wisdom teeth erupt in the mouth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are very painful and lead to infection, in addition they may damage adjacent teeth and roots. Despite the serious concern with regard to impacted wisdom teeth the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation as well as the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons confirm that wisdom teeth that are impacted are just as prone to disease as wisdom teeth that erupted in the mouth in an upright, normal position.

The question is often asked, “If my wisdom teeth don’t hurt, why must I get them removed?”. The fact is not all problems caused by wisdom teeth are painful or visible. Whether you are aware of it or not, your wisdom teeth can cause serious damage.

The roots of your wisdom teeth become longer as they grow, making the wisdom teeth very complicated to remove. We can’t foresee what problems will occur as you age with your wisdom teeth in tact, however we do know it can be extremely painful, as well as more complicated to treat as you get older.

Our sedation dentistry makes procedures like wisdom teeth removal a comfortable and relaxing experience for all our patients who require it, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Contact our Yaletown office to book your wisdom teeth removal appointment today.

The Proven Ways to Prevent Cavities

The Proven Ways to Prevent Cavities

In our continuous series of the best “ways to prevent cavities”, Dr. Michael Drance in Yaletown explains why vending machines are causing more and more cavities in children and adults.

“Instead of this cavity-causing, sugar-filled, junk food, consider the following alternatives that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but limit cavities from occurring…”

Vending machines are quick, easy and cheap. Put in some of your extra pocket cash and instantly enjoy a chocolate bar, chip bag, or even a can of pop. That’s not the only thing you’re getting for cheap, vending machines are not only giving out sugar-filled treats; they are also giving out cavities!

When you choose to satisfy your hunger with a chocolate bar or bag of candy, the bacteria in your mouth starts digesting sugar, quickly turning it into acid. This harmful chemical stays on your teeth and begins to eat away at the natural enamel (the material that protects your smile from tooth decay). When enamel gets eaten, you get a cavity!

So what are some helpful ways to prevent cavities from occurring? Always remember to brush your teeth after eating any sugar-filled treat. If you don’t have a chance to brush, don’t even think about treating yourself!

Instead of this cavity-causing, sugar-filled, junk food, consider the following alternatives that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but limit cavities from occurring:

  • Bread
  • Sliced meat
  • Milk
  • Raw veggies and fruit
  • Nuts and seeds

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The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Toxic Teeth: Smoking and Oral Health Issues

It is a commonly known fact that smoking leads to health problems such as lung cancer, but did you know that smoking and oral health problems often go hand in hand?

In fact, smoking is the leading cause for almost 75% of gum disease in adults. This percentage includes adults who smoke from pipes and cigars, as well as those enjoying smokeless tobacco.

smoking and oral health
“As soon as you begin using tobacco products, you are more likely to experience these common problems that are tied with smoking and oral health problems”

As soon as you begin using tobacco products, you are more likely to experience these common problems that are tied with smoking and oral health problems:

  • Bad breath
  • Stained teeth and tongue
  • Gum disease
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth loss
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Delayed healing process after dental treatment
  • Mouth sores
  • Decreased sense of taste and smell

At Max Dental we are always dedicated to helping you maintain optimal oral health, that is why we strongly recommend patients to quit using any tobacco products.

For the sake of your teeth, gums and oral health, use these steps recommended by the Surgeon General to help make quitting smoking easier.

  • Be prepared
  • Ask for help from friends/family members/co-workers
  • Invest your free time in an interesting activity
  • Be prepared for a relapse
  • Get medication, if necessary, and use it correctly

The team at Max Dental understand how difficult and time-consuming quitting smoking can be. However, we are dedicated to helping you protect your most valuable asset—your beautiful smile.

Contact our Yaletown dental clinic if you are in need of any support or advice on your journey to understanding smoking and oral health issues.

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Halloween Oral Hygiene: Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy

smiling children
If you’re worried about your child’s oral health over Halloween, you don’t have to stress. We here at Max Dental have some great tips for protecting your child’s teeth.

Halloween is on the horizon and your health partners at Max Dental want to help you protect your kids from something even scarier than zombies, ghosts and goblins this Halloween. There’s something even more bone-chilling called tooth decay!

We all remember the joys of trick-or-treating, and coming home to unload our sugary spoils and eat candy until our tummies ached. Parents are in the scariest position at Halloween, predicting the cavities, temper tantrums and hyperactivity that will result from the copious candy intake by their youngsters.

The best way to avoid any of these truly tricky consequences in the aftermath of Halloween is not to consume any candy at all. However, we know that’s highly unlikely and that’s why your experts at Max Dental Dental have created a Halloween candy guide to help protect your kids from tooth decay and thereby ensure their optimal oral health for life.

Below is a listing from most harmful to the safest treats your kids should be choosing from their trick-or-treat bag:

Sour Power – Sour candies are the absolute worst in that studies have revealed that the acids in sour candies are so destructive because they dissolve enamel on contact!

Hardly Harmless – Hard candy needs to be sucked on for an extended period of time and very chewy candies are harmful in that they get stuck between the teeth. Both hard and chewy candy allow bacteria to wreak havoc on your child’s teeth for a much longer period of time.

Resist Raisins – Don’t be fooled by their natural derivative. Raisins easily damage dental work because they are very sticky and do not mix well with fillings, braces or retainers.

Candy Bars Get Four Stars – While we can’t say candy bars are good for your oral health, they are less harmful because they are eaten quickly allowing less time for the sugar to damage with acid.

Dissolve Your Worry – Powder candy is fairly safe as the sugar dissolves quickly and makes little contact with the teeth.

Eat Two or Three if They’re Sugar Free – As obvious as it seems, sugar-free candy is the most highly recommended Halloween treat for your children’s teeth. You can even prevent cavities by chewing sugar free gum! Sugar free gum promotes increased saliva which neutralizes harmful bacteria.

If your little monsters will be in need a routine dental cleaning after Halloween give us a call and book an appointment today!

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Get The Rest You Need: Put A Stop To Teeth Grinding Today!

Has anyone ever told you that you grind your teeth in your sleep? Perhaps a parent or partner may even try to wake you up while you’re grinding. Unfortunately, most people who grind their teeth in their sleep, don’t even know they’re doing it. Teeth grinding is one of the most common sleep disorders referred to in the medical profession as Bruxism. The symptoms for which are broad and far reaching, including: jaw stiffness and soreness, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches as well as insomnia. Your health partners at Max Dental want to empower you to combat Bruxism, so you wake up feeling rested, pain free and ready for the day!

Quality of sleep factors greatly into how you perform in your waking hours, whether at work or at home. If you are resting well, you are feeling well and needless to say the reverse is true as well. There are several ways dental professionals diagnose and treat bruxism. As with any other health problem, early detection is the key to treating this particular sleep disorder. There are various ways to test the frequency and duration of your grinding throughout the night. Most importantly, there are treatment methods available such as dental guards and splints which are typically worn on a long-term basis during each and every night’s sleep.

Over the counter mouth guards sold at drug stores, while inexpensive, are considered by dental professionals to be ineffective in preventing tooth erosion and further decay. A good nights rest is imperative to maintaining a healthy quality of life for you and your family. If you or your children experience bruxism, consult your Max Dental expert for treatment options as your oral health depends upon it.

Contact our Vancouver dental clinic to find out how we can help you get the rest you need.

The Facts About Wisdom Teeth

A Brighter Smile Leads to Career Success

man in suitStudies reveal that a better smile can be a contributing factor to success in your career. Interacting with colleagues and clients on a day-to-day basis, your appearance greatly influences the way people around you perceive and interact with you. Say for instance, you need a report earlier than you anticipated from your co-worker. You would be surprised how far a brilliant smile can go in getting that report ahead of time!

On a whole, people tend to make subconscious judgements about each person they interact with and encounter. When going in for an interview, meeting with a prospective client, or making business contacts you want to leave a positive impression that lasts. Nothing is more memorable than a fantastic smile. Walk into the boardroom with confidence, smile like you mean it, and you will have the respect and favor of your employers or employees.

Contact Max Dental for more information about what a smile makeover can do for you!

Keep Your Smile Sparkling with Regular Dental Cleaning and Checkups

Sometimes due to fear, laziness or anxiety, patients tend to “forget” about booking a regular dental cleaning or checkup at their local, friendly dental clinic. In order to encourage you to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at Max Dental now, here’s a few good reasons why regular dental visits are so important:

vancouver dentist checkup cleaning
“Patients who visit the dentist regularly are much less likely to need major procedures such as root canals, gum grafts and tooth extraction.”

1. Avoid Painful Procedures: Patients who visit the dentist regularly are much less likely to need major procedures such as root canals, gum grafts and tooth extraction. This means that patients are saving money, avoiding painful dental procedures and staying healthy!

2. Beautiful Smiles: A good looking smile starts with healthy teeth, and regular checkups and cleanings at Max Dental will keep you looking your best. A professional cleaning can also help remove stains on your teeth, giving them a healthy shine that will impress everyone you meet.

3. Detect oral cancer early: One of the deadliest cancers, but easiest to diagnose, is oral cancer. At our Vancouver dental clinic, we have invested in the VELscope exam system, which works to detect cancer at the earliest stages.

4. Good example for your kids: If you have children who look up to you, make sure you practice good oral hygiene habits. Make dental checkups a priority in life, allowing for a future full of healthy smiles.

5. Reduce gum disease: Many adults will eventually get some type of periodontal disease, a leading cause of tooth loss. Luckily, gum disease can easily be treated or reversed, but only if your oral health is checked closely by the team at Max Dental.

For more information on maintaining good oral health, or to book a dental cleaning and checkup, contact us today!